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La Dolce Vita di Dolce Mia

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Free tips on training and education.  Itís fun; join us a learn about Akitas. The Akita dog (origin: Japan) symbolizes health, happiness, & given as a gift ... like figurines; as gifts & get-well tokens.












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 & watch me grow!

Free tips on training and education.  Itís fun; join us a learn about Akitas. The Akita dog (origin: Japan) symbolizes health, happiness, & given as a gift ... like figurines; as gifts & get-well tokens.

Hi my name is Dolce Mia, and I am an Akita. This website has been setup to make sure that I am able to share my life experiences with all my friends, both human and canine.  This is me at eight weeks. I was born December 25, 2001. With a face like this and being female, I am expecting to get away with many, many things.  My new mom and dad name me Dolce Mia, which is Italian for "My Sweet". This site is named "La Dolce Vita di Dolce Mia" and it means, "The Sweet Life of My Sweet."

Hopefully, I will be able to bring a smile to your face with the many adventures that I will post for you to read in My Diary, Favorites, Interests, Education, and Photo pages. If my new parents are talented enough they will be able to capture many things through both digital and video technologies so I can share my experiences with everyone.

Dolce Mia Today! 

This is Dolce Mia today at approximately 20 months. Dolce Mia continues to teach us a lot about her breed daily.  Most of the time Dolce Mia is friendly and fun, but beware, Dolce takes her possessions and property very seriously.  Her nature role as a guard dog is seen by many. With severe warning portrayed by barking loudly, see warns off potential solicitors which has saved me lots of time by telling them no, I don't what to buy that. Thank you Dolce Mia.

Dolce Mia taking command of her 8ft wide blade dozer

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Don't forget about our History and Education pages on this website. If you are just curious, or want to learn more about akitas, please start here.  We have gathered a lot of information for you to read and think about.

What's New!

Lots of things has happened from our last update which is almost a year ago already.  I am sorry that I haven't kept up with the site like I wanted to, but between travel and others activities demanding my time, I hadn't had a chance.  Since our last update, Dolce Mia's travels have included hiking in state parks.  Some of the parks that we did hike in are Fort Davis Mountain, Texas; Lake Patagonia, Arizona; Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee; and Fort Mountain, GA. Pictures added to this site include her camping and hiking adventures, what she looks like today, and some fun pictures on a dozer, yes dozer.

We befriended a kitten born in the wild this spring and it has equally been exciting to nurse him into a healthy state. The big challenges that I see is the introduction of Dolce Mia to Vito Mio.  Click here now to read Introducing Canine and Feline.

Enjoy Dolce Mia's  website and let me know what you think.  You can always get a hold of me by emailing me. Click on the Email Dolce Mia at the bottom of this page. 


Brief History of the Akita

  • Akita, dog of good fortune, today is protected in Japan as a National Art Treasure  (National Geographic)

  • Is been said that the Akita is a Noble Dog of Japan.  National Geographic claims to have traced is ancestry back to Nippon Inu, a large hunting dog kept by cave dwellers some time as early as 5,000 B.C.. Its likeness adorns tombs of early rulers of the region.  The history of this dog has been the dog of nobility, with special attendants that served the dog.  They were also trained as hunters of boar, deer and bear, and to retrieve wildfowl.

  • Helen Keller brought the first Akita's to the United States in 1930's, but it wasn't until 1973 that AKC recognize this bread.

  • Today, the Akita symbolizes health and happiness.  In some cultures, the Akita statues are presented to newborns as gifts and as a get-well token.  These dogs are known to be courageous, loyal, and intelligent.  The Akita can guide a blind person, pull a sled, backpack, or guard a child and endure its teasing.  These animals can be strong swimmers because of it webbed feet. The Akita is a very clean animal and washes himself similar to a cat. There coats are medium-length and color varies from black to fawn, red, or white. His gait is brisk.

  • Males: 95-125lbs. Height:25"-27.5"  Females: 70-85lbs. Height:24"-26.5" (approximates)

 This paragraph is for search engines and for your reading humor, I think!

The relative importance of saying are word 1% to 3% of the main text in order for it to be relevant to to this website is dump. Obviously, 1% will do. The word akita dog, domestic animal, akita dog, aka domestic animal, or breed of domestic animal known as an akita, or a dog should not as complex as it has been made. I have an akita, it is a domestic animal and aka akita dog. And yes, an akita dog is a domestic animal. Now isn't this really silly? A website developer, in order to have a word as relevant to the site it must be repeated a dozen or so times before it is relevant. How silly, however, rules are rules in the "world of stupidity", if you need me to say Dole Mia, or Dolce Vita de Dolce Mia, or just Dolce Vita, or Dolce Vita de Dolce Mia many times, I can. Yes it is true that Dolce Mia, or Dolce Vita de Dolce Mia is a the name of a domestic animal and that the akita dog is a domestic animal, and that an akita dog is considered a domestic animal, and that an akita is a domestic animal, aka an akita dog. Dog gone the goes another akita dog, our domestic animal friend. One thing I am certain is that I have not control over the requirement of search engines and that I am sorry for the extra text, but I love my dog and I like people to visit my site, and if this is what it takes to get listed, OK. You win. May an akita dog bite you on the ????? Now that wasn't nice, but I did find a way for me to use the word akita dog. Yes, I am talking about the akita dog aka a domestic animal.

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