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Akita Temperament
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History of the Akita

  • Akita, dog of good fortune, today is protected in Japan as a National Art Treasure  (National Geographic)

  • Is been said that the Akita is a Noble Dog of Japan.  National Geographic claims to have traced is ancestry back to Nippon Inu, a large hunting dog kept by cave dwellers some time as early as 5,000 B.C.. Its likeness adorns tombs of early rulers of the region.  The history of this dog has been the dog of nobility, with special attendants that served the dog.  They were also trained as hunters of boar, deer and bear, and to retrieve wildfowl.

  • Helen Keller brought the first Akita's to the United States in 1930's, but it wasn't until 1973 that AKC recognize this bread.

  • Today, the Akita symbolizes health and happiness.  In some cultures, the Akita statues are presented to newborns as gifts and as a get-well token.  These dogs are known to be courageous, loyal, and intelligent.  The Akita can guide a blind person, pull a sled, backpack, or guard a child and endure its teasing.  These animals can be strong swimmers because of it webbed feet. The Akita is a very clean animal and washes himself similar to a cat. There coats are medium-length and color varies from black to fawn, red, or white. His gait is brisk.

  • Males: 95-125lbs. Height:25"-27.5"  Females: 70-85lbs. Height:24"-26.5" (approximates)

Why I behave the way I do

I bet you thought that this section was about educating me.  This section is about educating my human friends.  I not going academic or anything like that, however, this section is dedicated to what humans may consider the strange things animals do.  

  • My dad found it disgusting that I sampled other animal droppings.  In order to help my friends to understand this behavior, as disgusting as it might seem, I have a link for you to read about this habit:

  • You can find more things about canines in general at

  • A very interesting article on Akita Behavior & Temperament written by Sherry E. Wallis. She also did a second article as well. I have them labeled Akita Temperament and Akitas Revisited on the Navigation Bar. It is very long so you may want to print it.

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